Case 5

“In search of the identities” is inspired by national heritage. We found the inspiration in our roots, past, tradition and traditional crafts. We talked of sentiment importance in our process of creation.

Wooden clogs – very old and authentic symbol becomes a conceptual shoe. Handmade woven folk band becomes a symbolic bridge between our past ant nowadays in craft and contemporary design, which tells about the Baltic pagan faith, mode of life and values.

Grass snake – a very important household spirit in the Lithuanian mythology. As sacred animal of the sun goddess Saule, it is a guardian of the home and a symbol of fertility. Also a symbol of success among pagan Baltic roots, a symbol of home, heart, deceased ancestry, wealth, health and fertility.

Straw handmade hats makes our collection even more poetic, sentimental and sensitive. The hats in the collection can be seen as a hint of ancient culture, but here they are already modern and adapted to the modern man.

This Fall/Winter 20-21 collection is the extension of our “ In search of the identities” part 1, which we have presented for Spring/Summer ‘20 season. The idea is too wide to stop with one collection. We felt there is so much more to say. Please, see attached the photos from our SS20 to have an idea about mood and feelings we are working on FW’ 20-21